Determining What To Wear

If you have ever found yourself standing in the middle of the sportswear section of the store trying to make sense of all the various options displayed before your eyes, then you have come to the right place! We will break these options down for you so you can make the best decision for you! Make sure your outerwear is especially comfy and durable.

Athletic Outdoor Clothing For Women


Lets start by saying that you want to look for material that will wick the moisture away, while still allowing your skin to breathe. This will help you to be your most efficient. Have fun with it! There are SO many styles and designs to choose from now!


Women's Athletic Clothing

You can find this in spandex, polyester blends, polypropylene, as well as wool. Make sure you are comfortable in what you choose to wear-choose a different material if it just doesn’t feel right in your size. Remember, the ultimate goal is to find the right athletic gear just for you!

Athletic Outdoor Clothing For Women


If your workout is going to be general in nature, you can wear something a bit looser but well fitting as long as it keeps you cool. Cotton is fine if you don’t plan on sweating too much (moisture will end up weighing it down). Keep it fairly low key if cotton is your fabric of choice.

The Best Walking Shoes For Women


Depending on what you are going to be doing, you want to make sure that what you choose gives you exactly the right support. And don’t forget comfort is the number one thing to consider.


You will want tight fitting (compression) clothing to prevent material from getting caught in the machines. Be sure that your shorts are longer than mid-thigh if your thighs rub together to avoid chafing. Wear breathable or wicking material to prevent rashes in and around the arm pit area (try to avoid compression tank tops if you develop rashes in this area often).


Just remember, choose your clothes based on your workout needs, how comfortable you are in them, how they will impact your workout,  and that they make you feel good while wearing them!

Athletic Outdoor Clothing For Women


After all, that is the optimal goal at the end of the day: feeling great about ourselves! We need to make sure we ALWAYS take care of ourselves if we want to be successful at taking care of who and what we love.


2 thoughts on “Determining What To Wear

  1. I really liked this post, short and to the point. My sister just had a baby and she needs to get back into working out, I will tell her what I just learned from your site. I don’t think I have ever seen her wear spandex but I will tell her about how it will wick the moisture away and keep her cool. Thanks for the info

  2. This is a great article.

    I had no idea that there were so many choices of clothes for women to pick from when it came to exercising.

    I guess being a guy I only think of shorts and t shirt… but it makes sense for girls depending on the type of exercise they do that they will need different type of clothing for each occasion.

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